The webmaster and photographer for peacenireland.com is John Callister, based just outside Lisburn in County Down. On every working day during his twelve years on staff with BBC Northern Ireland throughout the 1980s, John walked past the BBC coat of arms which displayed the Corporation’s founding motto, ‘Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation.’ With the Troubles at their height, he knew that realistically, the only thing that was likely to be spoken to other nations that day, was News of the latest bombing or shooting. How he wished he could change all that.

So having played a role in packaging too many stories of conflict for broadcast around the world, John vowed that if peace ever returned, he would get his camera out and show the world what the ‘real’ Northern Ireland looked like. He realised that despite the Troubles, an awful lot of  ‘good’ was happening; but conflict seemed to take priority where News was concerned. As someone who is passionate about story-telling, he wanted to delve beneath the surface of the headlines. He could see that victims stories needed to be told, as well as peace-builders and those who continued to work towards and pray for peace, even when there was no sign of improvement.

When John set up his own production company, as well as producing broadcast documentaries, he had the opportunity to work on numerous productions with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, including their own branded video to promote Northern Ireland around the world. It was the beginning of his dream coming true and his vow being fulfilled. This site is another phase of that journey.

Times change. A pandemic struck. Travel is currently restricted. But the beauty of Northern Ireland and the whole island of Ireland, will be waiting for the day when visitors can be welcomed here, and enjoy what we have to offer.
The Dark Hedges, County Antrim
The Dark Hedges, County Antrim

‘Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation’

The founding motto of the BBC as displayed on their coat of arms